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The Krebs Cycle of Creativity by Neri Oxman

Ms. Oxman explains that we tend to think of Art as for expression, Science for exploration, Engineering for invention, and Design for communication. In the Krebs Cycle of Creativity, he asks us to think that Science turns information into knowledge; Engineering converts knowledge into utility; Design converts utility into cultural behavior and context; and Art takes that context and questions our perception of the world.

The culminating moment is where Art meets Science, and changes in our perceptions affect the way data is captured.

At Cyber Human Systems, we use this creative vision together with the Design Thinking methodology in every step we take. We seek a balance between the theory of science and the real connection of the human being with the environment that surrounds him.

Our philosophy is that of well-being. We believe in improving the quality of life and in a better future where retiring without pain, without bone wear, without hernias, without pinched nerves, or chronic low back pain is possible.

Regarding our vision of the economy, thanks to the reduction in sick leave and the increase in productivity, we promote a holistic economy based on the well-being of each worker.


At Cyber Human Systems we dedicate a large part of our time to connecting with workers. 

Above all, we believe our job is to listen and understand user experiences.

With this approach, we have identified a common thread of problems in all products in the industry: they are not robust, they are not functional enough, they are too complex, they are too expensive and they take too much time to maintain.
We strive to provide solutions to these problems using innovative technology coupled with excellent customer service.


The Basque design values of simplicity, minimalism and functionality underpin our creative vision.

We focus on the simplicity of the products, innovation and functionality.

Good design is understated.

Good design is the least possible design.

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