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  • Are there different sizes available for the exoskeletons?
    Indeed, we offer two sizes for all our exoskeletons: Small and Large.
  • Is it possible to wash the exoskeletons?
    Of course! All textile parts of the exoskeleton can be machine washed in cold water, as long as a mesh bag is used.
  • What is the lifespan of an exoskeleton?
    After extensive evaluation, we have determined that the lifespan of our exoskeletons is 5 years with continuous use. In addition, we offer a 2-year guarantee in the event of quality problems arising from production faults
  • How long does it take to put on or take off an exoskeleton?
    About a minute! You can see how it's done in our instructional video:
  • Is Exosoft a girdle?
    No, Exosoft is an ergonomic textile exoskeleton designed to provide lumbar support. It has some "artificial muscles" made up of variable deformation elastomers that support the person in carrying out any movement in which the lower back is compromised.
  • Is it true that exoskeletons enhance the wearer's strength?
    Our exoskeletons not only improve load capacity, reducing up to 30 kg of the effort required, but also decrease metabolic consumption and muscle fatigue. Its main objective is to prevent and reduce musculoskeletal disorders derived from prolonged efforts, which translates into a significant reduction in sick leave. In short, our exoskeletons provide valuable help to improve the performance and health of workers.
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