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empleado logistico usando exoesqueleto


• Load management
• Parcel distribution
• Consolidation operations
• Relocations
• Distribution of electrical appliances, furniture
• Vehicle maintenance (tires, repairs, etc.)
• Industrial installations (power plants, chemicals, etc.)
• Leisure facilities (amusement parks, etc.)
• Machinery
• Roads
• Parks and gardens
• Municipal service facilities (sewer, etc.)
• Handling heavy loads
• Tool handling
• Work in forced positions

mujer comprobando inventario feliz

At first, I had many doubts. I thought that the company's objective was only to increase productivity, but after 3 months I have discovered that my lower back no longer hurts and that I get much less tired. I am very happy with Exosoft.

Nekane, textile logistics employee

Since we have implemented Exosoft in logistics and assembly tasks, we have reduced sick leave due to lumbar musculoskeletal disorders by 85%.

Borja, company doctor

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repartidor satisfecho

Exosoft is super comfortable, I put it on in the morning and I don't take it off all day. It allows me to carry out all the activities in my working day: driving, unloading, moving, ...

Mikel, logistics delivery man

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