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agrario utilizando exoesqueleto


• Veterinarians (swine, poultry, etc.)
• Collection on the ground (vegetables, etc.)
• Harvesting at height (fruits, tomatoes, etc.)
• Harvesting
• Forestry activity (cutting, clearing, pruning, etc.)
• Rod and net fishing
• Related logistics activities (box handling)
• Work on production lines / product selection
• Feeding of large animals (e.g. panda bears)
• Cleaning work in stables
• Beekeeping (beehive movement)
• Field work (handling hoe, shovel, etc.)

tomates frescos

For years, at the end of each season, I would spend a month off. Despite the fact that every week I went to the physical therapist to relieve the tension in my traps, I was getting terrible muscle knots. Now, since I use Exoshoulder, I no longer have to go to the osteopath every week. It is a wonder.

Antonio, tomato picker

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