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Exosoft: Scientific study reveals effectiveness of ergonomic lumbar support exoskeleton

We now have the results of the most recent scientific study on our ergonomic lumbar support exoskeleton, Exosoft!

We are sharing the results of our scientific study conducted as part of the EXOSASUN project. This study gives us detailed insight into the effectiveness and benefits of Exosoft, our lumbar support exoskeleton.

Low back pain is a common concern in the workplace and can have a negative impact on employee productivity and well-being. For this reason, we have developed Exosoft, a textile lumbar support exoskeleton that uses variable deformation elastomers to provide assistance during movements involving the lower back.

The results of our study are promising. During lifting and lowering tasks, Exosoft was shown to reduce erector spinae (ES) muscle activity by an average of 30%, with reductions ranging from 23% to 43%. In addition, in tilt tasks, a 20% reduction in ES activity was observed. These decreases in muscle activity may contribute to a reduction in fatigue and improve safety and efficiency on the job.

Based on participant ratings, our exoskeleton was perceived as useful to a moderate to considerable degree. This supports our vision of providing an appropriate balance between comfort and long-term lumbar protection.

Weighing only 0.8 kg, Exosoft stands out as the lightest and most versatile exoskeleton on the market. It offers variable support from 7 to 15 kg through the use of three interchangeable elastomers with different levels of assistance.

At Cyber Human Systems, we are committed to developing innovative ergonomic solutions that improve people's quality of life in demanding work environments. This scientific study represents an important step in our mission to reduce work absences, prevent musculoskeletal disorders and enhance human capabilities.

We are satisfied with the results and will continue to research and improve our solutions in the future. If you would like to learn more about our scientific study or our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Together, we are transforming the way workers interact with their environment and improving their well-being in the workplace. Join us on this journey to a safer and healthier working future.


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