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GUDEX: The first Spanish combat exoskeleton that will revolutionise modern warfare

The skills we have acquired through years of research and development have led us to enter the complex and demanding world of the military sector. From our company, Cyber Human Systems, we are proud to announce that we are currently involved in the creation of the first combat exoskeleton for the Spanish Ministry of Defence force 2035. This innovative project, named GUDEX, has been conceived to significantly improve soldiers' capabilities on the battlefield, providing them with a crucial advantage in terms of mobility and endurance.

Last Friday 21st April, several members of our team had the opportunity to attend the Information Days for military personnel at the Oroel Base (Jaca), in which innovative and disruptive aspects of application to the Armed Forces were discussed. During this event, we were pleased to have had the opportunity to present the progress we have made in the development of the GUDEX exoskeleton.

This cutting-edge technology, designed with the highest quality and precision, represents a true revolution in the field of modern warfare. We are honoured to have been invited to participate in this event and look forward to continuing to work closely with military personnel to further advance the creation of cutting-edge technologies that contribute to the security and defence of our country.


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