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Innovation and Strategic Collaborations: Cyber Human Systems at Eurosatory

On the Left: GUDEX by Cyber Human Systems - GOGOA. On the Right: UPRISE by MAWASHI.

Within the framework of Eurosatory, the international defence exhibition held in Paris, the industrial and defence exoskeleton unit of Gogoa Mobility Robots made a noteworthy appearance. Although we did not participate as exhibitors, our visit was focused on establishing valuable contacts and sharing our experiences and knowledge in the development of exoskeletons for military applications, as well as opening a promising line of collaboration with Mawashi.

Exploring Strategic Collaborations

During our visit to Eurosatory, we had the opportunity to engage with various industry stakeholders, including Mawashi, a Canadian company renowned for its military exoskeletons. Despite our differing approaches, with GUDEX from Cyber Human Systems focusing on weight unloading during long marches and Mawashi aiming to support the protective gear of security forces during special interventions, we identified common ground for potential future collaboration. This synergy could result in more comprehensive and advanced solutions for military needs.

Eurosatory: A Hub of Innovation in Defence

Eurosatory has established itself as the premier exhibition in the defence sector, bringing together companies and professionals from around the globe to present and discuss the latest technological innovations. For Cyber Human Systems, this fair has served as an ideal platform to gain firsthand insight into emerging trends and the newest advancements in exoskeletons and other defence-related technologies.

Networking and Collaborations at Eurosatory

A highlight of our visit was the opportunity to strengthen relationships with strategic partners and establish new connections that could be vital for future projects. At Eurosatory, we shared our experiences in developing exoskeletons and discussed potential collaborations that could lead to the creation of more efficient and secure technological solutions for the military sector.

Presence of ACHILE Project Partners

During the exhibition, we also had the pleasure of meeting some of our partners involved in the ACHILE Project. This initiative, backed by the European Defence Fund, aims to revolutionise the equipment of European soldiers through the development of advanced technologies such as exoskeletons. Although our presence at Eurosatory was not focused on this project, it was an excellent opportunity to discuss progress and strengthen synergies around this ambitious initiative.

The Future of Exoskeletons in Defence

Participation in Eurosatory has afforded us a clearer vision of the directions in which the defence industry is moving and how we can significantly contribute through our innovations in exoskeletons. Collaborating with companies like Mawashi and participating in European projects such as ACHILE position us favourably to face future challenges and offer high-tech solutions that enhance the operational capability of soldiers.


The visit by Gogoa Mobility Robots to Eurosatory has been an enriching experience, enabling us to establish strategic contacts and explore new opportunities for collaboration. Through our interactions and discussions, we have reaffirmed our commitment to innovation and the continuous improvement of military capabilities. Eurosatory has undoubtedly been a hub of knowledge and innovation, and we are excited about the possibilities it presents for the future of defence equipment. Our industrial and defence exoskeleton unit, Cyber Human Systems, will continue to closely follow these developments and keep our readers informed about the latest trends and innovations in the field of cyber and human systems, ensuring they are always abreast of the most relevant advancements in this dynamic sector.


Cyber Human Systems Eurosatory



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