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Discover the Future of Workplace Safety at SICUR 2024 with Cyber Human Systems Exoskeletons!

¡Descubre el Futuro de la Seguridad Laboral en SICUR 2024 con los Exoesqueletos de Cyber Human Systems!

We are thrilled to announce our first-time participation in SICUR, the leading event in comprehensive security, taking place at IFEMA Madrid from February 27th to March 1st, 2024. For us at Cyber Human Systems, this is an exciting opportunity to showcase our latest innovations in the field of industrial exoskeletons and to share our insights into the transformative impact of technology on workplace safety and health.

Cyber Human Systems has emerged as the sole Spanish company dedicated to the design and development of exoskeletons, and we are committed to creating solutions that enhance workers' quality of life and reduce occupational hazards. Our expertise in robotics and biomedical engineering has enabled us to lead the way in creating assistive devices that extend human capabilities and promote a safer and healthier work environment.

At SICUR 2024, we will be introducing two of our latest innovations: MonitoreX and ExoRescue.

MonitoreX: In collaboration with the CEIT technological center and funded by the European Commission, MonitoreX is a groundbreaking project designed to address musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace. This software allows us to analyze the ergonomic and physiological behavior of workers using exoskeletons, enabling us to optimize the design of our devices to ensure effective and safe support.

ExoRescue: Our latest mechanical exoskeleton model has been specifically developed to assist emergency services in rescue and salvage tasks. With a highly flexible modular design and advanced high-quality materials, ExoRescue facilitates the lifting and transportation of casualties, as well as the removal of debris in disaster or accident areas. This device represents a significant advancement in emergency response capability, enhancing the efficiency and safety of rescue teams.

Additionally, we are excited to announce our participation in the EXO CORNER, a new section in collaboration with the Institute of Biomechanics (IBV) that explores the role of exoskeletons in workplace safety and health. In this space, we will share our knowledge and experience through live demonstrations, informative talks, and interactive activities.

Don't miss our recurring presentation throughout the fair: "Body-Exoskeleton Fusion: Artificial Muscles in Action | Cyber Human Systems." This presentation will provide a deep insight into how our exoskeletons are transforming the way we work and live, with practical demonstrations and discussions on the future of assistive technology.

Join us at SICUR 2024 and discover the exciting world of industrial exoskeletons. We look forward to welcoming you to our booth to exchange ideas, explore new possibilities, and be part of the technological revolution in workplace safety!


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