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Exoskeletons from Cyber Human Systems revolutionize French agriculture!

The revolution of exoskeletons has reached French agriculture! Recently, the prominent public channel TF1 aired a report highlighting the transformative impact of Cyber Human Systems' exoskeletons in the oyster farming sector.

In the program, our innovative ExoSoft exoskeleton was showcased, successfully tested by Laurent Chaboussie, one of the oyster farmers in the region. Thanks to ExoSoft, Laurent has been able to alleviate the physical and repetitive burden of his daily work, which involves flipping around 2,500 oyster bags, each weighing at least eight kilograms. This technological advancement has revolutionized Laurent's work, making him more efficient and reducing physical fatigue and exhaustion.

The collaboration with HBR Innovation, led by CEO Beatrice Dalzovo, has been instrumental in creating this valuable opportunity for Cyber Human Systems in the oyster farming and distribution sector in France. Their expertise and innovative vision have paved the way to bring the benefits of exoskeletons to farmers and workers in the industry.

The news has generated significant interest throughout the agricultural community, offering a concrete solution to address labor challenges and improve working conditions in such a demanding sector as oyster farming. With the implementation of exoskeletons, a reduction in work-related injuries and increased efficiency in daily tasks are expected in the agricultural sector.

Cyber Human Systems continues to lead the forefront of exoskeleton technology, providing devices tailored to the specific needs of each job position. We are committed to developing innovative solutions that enhance the quality of life for workers and promote productivity in the agricultural industry.


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