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MonitorEX: Ergonomics and Physiological Monitoring Module for Exoskeleton Users

Cyber Human Systems, Gogoa Mobility Robots' spin-off, is proud to announce its participation in the MonitorEX project, funded by the European Commission under the SHOP4CF initiative. As a leading provider of innovative solutions for ergonomic exoskeletons, Gogoa group brings its expertise in the field to this groundbreaking project. The project will be a joint effort between Gogoa Mobility Robots and CEIT, a renowned research center with extensive experience in the fields of robotics and ergonomics analysis. By combining their expertise, the two organizations are poised to make a significant impact on the future of industrial work.

The objective of MonitorEx is to develop a software module that can analyze from an ergonomics and physiological point of view the appropriate behavior of the worker wearing an exoskeleton. Exoskeletons can support workers in heavy and non-ergonomic tasks, but there is a lack of software that can evaluate the ergonomics and health condition of the user. The project will instrument a remote and real-time monitoring system that consists of a set of commercial and low-cost sensors embedded in the exoskeleton structure, for ergonomics and health monitoring in daily industrial tasks. Additionally, a new SHOP4CF component (called MonitorEX) will be developed to evaluate the ergonomics and physiological condition of an exoskeleton’s user handling heavy loads or working under non-ergonomic postures, testing it in industrial use-cases. The proposed component combines both the ergonomics analysis and the physiological condition of the user to evaluate the need and proper application of exoskeletons.

Gogoa Mobility Robots is excited to be at the forefront of this disruptive technology and is committed to continuing to develop innovative solutions for the future.


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