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Project GAIA: Advanced Technology in Fire Fighting

Proyecto GAIA: Tecnología Avanzada en la Lucha Contra Incendios - Cyber Human Systems

In Cyber Human Systems, we take pride in presenting our flagship project, GAIA, backed by the Ministry of Science and Innovation. This ambitious project aims to revolutionize the prevention, extinguishment, and reforestation of forest fires through advanced technologies, blending heritage and cutting-edge approaches.

Innovative Development: Fire and Reforestation Support Exoskeleton

In this project, Cyber Human Systems will develop an exoskeleton to support these tasks, both in firefighting and reforestation efforts. As a spin-off of Gogoa Mobility Robots, we inherit a strong foundation of knowledge and experience, propelling us into new frontiers of research and development. We strive to remain leaders at the intersection of biomedical engineering and applied technology, providing avant-garde solutions that make a difference in society.

Current Challenge: Increasing Forest Fires

In 2022, wildfires consumed 306,555 hectares, compared to 84,827 hectares in 2021 and an average of 67,000 hectares between 2006-2021, according to EFFIS (Copernicus). In response, GAIA addresses climate change, specifically forest fires, with a comprehensive approach.

GAIA's Objective: Leading with Advanced Technology

GAIA seeks to develop innovative technologies in the forestry sector, utilizing Artificial Intelligence and other advanced tools. This will position Spain as a leader in technological solutions for forest fire management.

Focus on Advanced Technologies: AI and Machine Learning

GAIA will tackle challenges with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, applied from prevention to reforestation.

Key Areas of Technological Development in GAIA:

  • Prevention: Use of machine learning algorithms to analyze large sets of forest data, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

  • Extinguishment: Development of autonomous devices, drones, and unmanned ground vehicles, along with exoskeletons and advanced suits to enhance safety and efficiency.

  • Reforestation: Integration of intelligent algorithm platforms for data processing and development of technological solutions for forest mass maintenance.

Summary: GAIA - A Bold Step towards a Safer and Sustainable Future

GAIA represents a smart and efficient approach to forest fire management. At Cyber Human Systems, we are committed to innovation and the practical application of technological solutions that make a difference in society and contribute to environmental preservation. Join us on this exciting journey toward positive change.


GAIA: Technology in the Fight Against Fires


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