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We have excellent news to share! Serveo (Ferrovial - Michelin) incorporates Cyber Human Systems' Exosoft, our ergonomic textile exoskeleton with lumbar support designed to improve the quality of life of workers in maintenance, logistics and production tasks.

Exosoft is the lightest and most versatile exoskeleton on the market, weighing only 0.8 kg. It features "artificial muscles" made of elastomers with variable deformation that provide advanced support and prevent injury to the workers' lower back. It also offers a perfect balance between comfort and long-term lumbar protection.

Another key feature of Exosoft is its ability to provide variable support between 7 and 15 kg, thanks to three interchangeable elastomers with different levels of support. This allows the amount of lumbar support to be adjusted according to the specific needs of each worker.

We are excited to see how Serveo, Ferrovial and Michelin are using Exosoft to improve the quality of life of their workers and prevent workplace injuries. We hope that many other companies will join the initiative to implement this innovative technology and improve working conditions for their employees.

For more information on how Exosoft can benefit your company, please visit our website at Thank you for your attention and do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions!


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