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Tenth DESEi+d Congress on Military Technology: Cyber Human Systems Unveils GUDEX in Cartagena

In the latest chapter of our technological journey, Cyber Human Systems (CHS) has made its mark at the Tenth DESEi+d Congress of R&D in the military sector, currently taking place in the iconic city of Cartagena. This annual event has emerged as a beacon for innovation in defense and security in Spain.

At the center of attention is GUDEX, our latest achievement in the field of military technology. This meticulously designed exoskeleton stands as a masterpiece of engineering aimed at transforming the experience of soldiers on the battlefield. But what makes GUDEX so exceptional?

💡 Cutting-Edge Artificial Muscles: GUDEX incorporates "artificial muscles" with hydropneumatic cylinders and variable deformation elastomers, redefining the mobility and endurance of military personnel.

🔗 Seamless Integration: From lifting and transporting heavy loads to reducing fatigue and physical stress during marches, GUDEX is designed to be the perfect extension of the soldier on the battlefield.

🌐 Redefined Safety: Not only does it support the weight of the backpack during marches, but it also stabilizes tools, loads, and weapons, improving shooting accuracy and reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries.

🚀 Mobility and Performance: With marching speeds of up to 10 km/h and the option to monitor the physical condition of the soldier, GUDEX not only protects but also enhances operational performance.

This congress, held at the Marine Infantry School 'General Albacete y Fuster,' is a forum where CHS has had the privilege to connect with industry leaders, experts, and visionaries in the field of military technology.

Thanks to all participants and collaborators for making this event a testament to innovation and progress. CHS remains steadfast in our commitment to driving change in the military sector and contributing to a technologically safer and advanced tomorrow. Keep exploring with us! 👏🌐 #CHSInnovations #DESEi+d #GUDEX #MilitaryTechnology #DefensiveInnovation


Tenth DESEi+d Congress on Military Technology: Cyber Human Systems Unveils GUDEX in Cartagena


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