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Transforming safety at work in the podcast by Enrique Rodal Montero

You can't miss this exciting episode of Enrique Rodal Montero's podcast on Radio Euskadi! In this special episode, we delve into the exciting mission of Cyber Human Systems and our revolutionary technology that is changing the way we look at workplace safety.

Carlos Fernandez Isoird and Javi Finez will guide you through a fascinating journey where we explore how our innovative solutions, such as exoskeletons, are transforming the world of work.

At Cyber Human Systems, our mission is to drive a safer and more efficient world of work through technology. The exoskeletons we develop are a clear example of our commitment to this cause. We are at the forefront of preventing workplace accidents and improving the quality of life of workers.

If you are interested in innovation in occupational safety and technology that makes a difference, this programme is a unique opportunity to learn about our work and vision.

Don't miss this episode full of knowledge and passion for the technology that is changing the workplace industry - join us on this journey to a safer and more productive future!


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