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ExoRescue: The New Technological Breakthrough for Rescue Teams Featured on EITB

We are excited to present our new exoskeleton, ExoRescue, on Teleberri de EITB today, July 10th! In Cyber Human Systems, an engineering company from Biscay and a spin-off of Gogoa Mobility Robots, we have designed a modular exoskeleton that provides support to rescue and emergency teams.

This innovative exoskeleton, made with materials such as anodized aeronautical aluminum and carbon fiber, is the first European device of its kind. It has been successfully tested by the Valencia Fire Consortium in various operations, validating its features and performance.

ExoRescue is the result of years of meticulous development and collaboration with renowned institutions such as the Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana (SUPSI) and the Institute of Biomechanics (IBV) in Valencia. It incorporates geared motors, sensors, and AI-based control systems, allowing users to effortlessly lift loads of up to 40 kilograms.

Our team of engineers has worked hard to manufacture ExoRescue in Euskadi, using innovative materials and collaborating with local suppliers. Its modular design offers flexibility and versatility to users.

In addition to its ability to effortlessly unload up to 40 kilograms of weight to the ground, ExoRescue also provides assistance in handling loads of up to 25 kilograms with both hands, or 12.5 kilograms with a single hand. This amplifies the rescuer's strength and facilitates tasks such as transporting injured individuals or removing heavy objects.

We have worked closely with rescue teams and firefighters, who have provided valuable feedback and contributions to improve ExoRescue and tailor it to their specific needs. Successful tests have been carried out by the Valencia Fire Consortium, and soon, Swiss mountain rescue teams will also test this exoskeleton for several weeks.

At Cyber Human Systems, we remain committed to innovation and continuous improvement. We plan to add new functionalities to ExoRescue before its official launch, such as augmented reality systems to facilitate object identification in rescue situations. We will also explore the incorporation of load cells to assess the weight to be displaced and lifted.

ExoRescue joins our wide range of exoskeletons developed by Cyber Human Systems. In addition to this rescue device, we have created specialized products for different segments, such as the GUDEX exoskeleton for the military field, and EXOSOFT, EXOARMS, and EXOSHOULDER for the industry.

We are proud to have developed ExoRescue in collaboration with renowned institutions and to have received support from the 2i program of Bizkaiko Foru Aldundia. We thank everyone who has been part of this project.


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