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ExoRescue: Transforming the Future of Critical Rescue Tasks

We are excited to share the latest advancements from Cyber Human Systems in the field of rescue technology. As a spin-off of Gogoa Mobility Robots, we have been working diligently alongside the Provincial Fire Consortium of Valencia in the development of a revolutionary exoskeleton for emergency rescue tasks.

Under the ExoRescue project, as part of the prestigious Eurostars program, we have led the design and development of a full-body modular exoskeleton, aiming to enhance the performance of brave members of rescue services in critical situations. And the results are astonishing!

Our focus is on creating a flexible, modular, and intelligent solution that reduces effort and facilitates key tasks performed during rescue operations. Working closely with the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia and with the valuable participation of the Provincial Fire Consortium of Valencia, we have identified the fundamental needs and requirements to create a high-performance exoskeleton.

But that's not all. Our project has transcended borders and attracted international attention. We are pleased to announce our collaboration with SUPSI Scuola Universitaria della Svizzera italiana and the Swiss mountain rescue services, who are about to test our equipment in real-life situations. It is an unprecedented collaboration that will allow us to bring our innovations to challenging environments!

After intensive testing sessions with the brave firefighters of the Catarroja Fire Station, we have obtained valuable feedback that has further improved the exoskeleton's design. We are determined to ensure that our final product is genuinely effective and capable of making a significant difference in emergency rescue tasks.

At Cyber Human Systems, we are committed to innovation and the development of technologies that have a positive impact on society. Our high-tech exoskeleton is just the beginning of our mission to provide cutting-edge solutions that enhance the well-being and safety of individuals in critical moments. We are excited about what the future holds, and we will continue to advance towards a safer and more resilient world!


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