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The GUDEX Exoskeleton debuts at FEINDEF: Redefining Military Technology

GUDEX, exoesqueleto militar español de Cyber Human Systems
GUDEX, exoesqueleto militar español de Cyber Human Systems

At Cyber Human Systems, we are thrilled to have presented our revolutionary GUDEX exoskeleton at the prestigious Defense and Security Fair of Spain, FEINDEF. Based in Abadiño (Bizkaia), this impressive technological achievement has captured the attention of experts and industry enthusiasts at the event held in Madrid.

During this process, we have closely collaborated with important Spanish companies such as FECSA, a renowned manufacturer of anti-fragmentation vests, the Basque technological center CEIT, specialized in the industrial field, and the firm YUMA, known for its combat backpacks. Thanks to this collaboration, we have managed to combine our expertise in mobility and exoskeleton solutions with the specialized knowledge of our partners.

GUDEX has been developed with a budget close to half a million euros and backed by the Ministry of Defense. This exoskeleton is specifically designed for soldiers, providing them with an unprecedented advantage in terms of mobility, endurance, and shooting accuracy.

With a passive structure that allows lifting heavy loads and active arms equipped with batteries, motors, and sensors, the device allows soldiers to walk with backpacks weighing up to 40 kilograms without hardly noticing their weight. In addition, the arms can lift loads of up to 20 kilograms effortlessly, improving efficiency and performance on the battlefield.

GUDEX is a robotic and modular device, manufactured with advanced materials such as aerospace aluminum, carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, and steel parts. It is surprisingly lightweight, with the lower part supporting the backpack and back weighing only three kilograms. Furthermore, its "ruggedized" design ensures resistance to impacts and harsh weather conditions, while protecting the neck from possible injuries and reducing arm fatigue.

At Cyber Human Systems, we also care about the health and well-being of our soldiers. That's why we have equipped the exoskeleton with sensors that monitor various physiological variables, allowing precise real-time tracking of health and fatigue. This helps optimize performance and minimize risks during operations.

Following successful tests conducted by the Paratrooper Brigade, we are currently working on the final version of GUDEX, which will undergo rigorous testing and certifications before March next year. We hope that this pioneering technology can be adopted by our armed forces in the near future, thus enhancing their capability and effectiveness on the battlefield.

At Cyber Human Systems, we are committed to excellence and innovation. We will continue pushing the boundaries of technology to improve people's lives and contribute to the progress of society.


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